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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from In Touch PT, EIM, and Direct Performance PT.

Most EDGE Mobility System Products are on sale through Amazon.com, check out the sale if you've been thinking about getting some, or more!

New OMPT Channel Video! Check out Cervical Eval and Treat under the Assessments Channel. It was a case of a DPT Student from my Buffalo Eclectic Approach to Spinal Manipulation Course in April recently. He was seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist for his neck/shoulder pain - and doing nothing about it in between! Sigh.... of course I had to single him out. - (you MTs and DCs out there - no offense, but this student should know better than to receive passive care).

Dr. Harrison Vaughn attended CSM this year and also summarized this year's Paris Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Bill O'Grady. The one thing I liked about my education at the University of St. Augustine is learning the history of manual therapy throughout the ages. Harrison likes history as well, and I'm sure it is interesting to hear it in the words of other seasoned clinicians. The other thing I agree with Harrison is that membership in the APTA does matter. We do not have mandatory membership like other professions, but should, and our dues are quite a bit less expensive. I am a proud APTA member, Orthopaedic Section member, as well as member of the AAOMPT (Fellow). If you really want to support our profession, you should be a member as well!


Selena Horner, or better known as @snippetphysther on twitter recently did a bit of snooping after CMS released it's provider reimbursement list from last year. Read about how one PT got reimbursed 4 million dollars. You have to wonder about the Bernie Madoff types of the world, they know they can't get away with it forever. Is it actually a wild ride full of guilt, and then a bit of relief once you're caught? From the looks of his practice, this clinician may be able to pay it back!

What can PT learn from Microbreweries? Perceived value among other things. Dr. Jacob McCrowell, Physio Answers regular contributor goes over this #BizPT concept.

For more Quick Links, please read the OMPT Daily!

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