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EDGE Mobility Band for Ankle Dorsiflexion MWM

Here is a self MWM I came up with for a loss of ankle dorsiflexion using the EDGE Mobility Band.

The ankle often has a loss of dorsiflexion > plantarflexion. I often use Mulligan's MWM talocrural posterior glide to restore motion to this area. Like any other technique, it requires constant reinforcement to lock in the new changes you make in the clinic. Here is an easy and effective technique for patients to be able to perform a similar technique to the clinician's MWM. Note, the inline lunge position of this technique makes it difficult to balance due to the narrow BOS, make sure they can use one hand against a wall or chair to assist with balancing while performing the technique.

Other vids like this are being added as I come up with them to the omptchannel.com under the EDGE Mobility System Channel.


  1. For people who have problems half kneeling, couldn't you do the same thing standing with the band stabilized around the non-involved ankle?

  2. I just tried that, it's actually quite a bit easier, I'll shoot that as an alternative! Thanks Monika!

  3. Nice work! Can't wait to try it on myself.

  4. Thanks! You have to use bands that are pretty strong to get a decent glide.