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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Gray Cook, Jordan Nolan, and Jesse Awenus.

Jesse Awenus, your friendly neighborhood physiotherapist asks, "What is Wrong With This Patient?" He lists his treatments and provides a vid of the patient performing AROM shoulder abduction. I definitely have my thoughts on what I am seeing, but would also want to see him from the side to look at thoracic mobility which seems limited. I'll hold back on the rest until more of you guys see it.

Jordan Nolan, SPT did a great presentation on MDT for the Extremities. For anyone who needs a refresher on how this concept works for the extremities, this is it! Some of the recommended exercises I disagree with, such as dorsiflexion > plantarflexion (for repeated motions) and shoulder FIR over extension  - I reverse both of them. I verified this with a MDT Diplomat doing some fellowship training in the clinic today. Either way, it's a great presentation!

Gray Cook's latest vid, Cooking the ASLR gives some great instruction on how to use kettlebells to get the diagonal core timing down to assist in ASLR. I tried this with a few patients today plus a current intern with a 30 degree SLR. His SLR improved to at least 60 only after a minute of contralateral hip and shoulder rotations. He probably needs a bit of manual to lock in these improvements though.

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