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Treadmill Analysis

I purchased a Sony Action Cam to help film some of my OMPT Channel vids. Other than having great POV shots as I'm performing assessment and treatments, it also has great slow motion capabilities!
Here's a vid I shot of one of my patients who is a marathoner. Other than what I found, what else do you see? What side do you think she has recurrent lower quarter issues on? One thing is that she was not prepared to run that day (even though she says she is always ready), and did not have her 4 mm or 0 mm drop shoes. She was running in 12 mm shoes so we're going to repeat the analysis again later.

Like most runners according to the research, they incorrectly estimate their striking pattern. She thinks she is a mid-foot striker but the video clearly shows otherwise. It could be her shoes, or even the treadmill. Running along side her would make for a shakey vid!


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