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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Mobility Wod, Michigan PT Association, and PubMed.

Chris Johnson shared this abstract via PubMed. Unilateral "scraping" of bilateral achilles tendinosis had improvements morphologically, pain, function, and chemically. How's that for a central mechanism? Who needs scraping when you have something like an EDGE tool? How about unilateral treatment on the uninvolved, non-painful side. I've definitely seen this clinically when assessing function, ROM, neurodynamics etc on bilaterally involved patients, but of course have not thought of providing manual therapy and exercise to the uninvolved side. Perhaps we can get those mirror neurons firing and improve movement and function without increasing the threat? Joe Brence, let's study this! - for at least a few visits.

Michigan PTs are looking to get direct access. Please support them here.

KStar gets asked the functional movement question, stability or mobility? The answer should always be both! There is also a test-retest demonstration with the voodoo band. Anyone out there have experience with them? I ordered some to try them out!

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