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#SolvePT from 5-1-12

Another great tweetchat on #solvept, ended up being a discussion more on use of outcomes measures (at least between @donreagan @snippetphysther, myself, and @ptbise.

nanc765May 01, 11:06pm via web
@VegasAthletesPT @Jerry_DurhamPT I agree, but we also have to support what and why we do what we do#solvept
nanc765May 01, 11:05pm via web
@VegasAthletesPT @SnippetPhysTher I agree. We need to do a better job of this too. #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 11:04pm via web
@nanc765 @Jerry_DurhamPT #solvept - that's what i am getting at! Data is good, and helpful, but can still be lacking on its own..
IizzaTriniMay 01, 11:03pm via HootSuite
RT @The_OMPT#solvept I'm not going to treat someone then hand them an SF-36, ODI, NDI, LEFS, or DASH to see if they improved.
nanc765May 01, 11:02pm via web
@Jerry_DurhamPT because PT is science and art...you can't have just one #solvePT
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 11:02pm via web
@nanc765 @SnippetPhysTher #solvept - I do too. data can be misleading, look at the ads for chiro & spine surgeons touting their effectivenes
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 11:01pm via TweetDeck
I need to finish a project... nice conversation and discussion! #solvept
Jerry_DurhamPTMay 01, 11:00pm via web
That @JOSPT article showed NO....I said NO correlation with pts satisification with #PT and their outcomes!#solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:59pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @VegasAthletesPT no offense...I agree with the need for outcomes data #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:59pm via web
@nanc765 @SnippetPhysTher #solvept -- have to look into that here. So far the game is one accepts a real low contract, so it ruins for all
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:59pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT @nanc765 I'm not seeing you as a cynic. Just conversing :) #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:58pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT @The_OMPT And if every clinic or PT says the patient will get better, how does patient choose?#solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:58pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @VegasAthletesPT Yes, I think BCBS is looking at this in NC; better outcomes, more pay#solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:57pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @The_OMPT #solvept is your question referring to prospective patients? I would guess they want to get better.
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:56pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT @nanc765 Uggh... If we can show our value and our effectiveness, at some point we should be paid more #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:55pm via web
@nanc765 @SnippetPhysTher #solvept...at that point BCBS doesnt care, they have a provider who will accept $20/visit, so they are happy
Jerry_DurhamPTMay 01, 10:55pm via web
Just an FYI....this officially ended already.....HA #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:54pm via web
@nanc765 @SnippetPhysTher #solvept ..agree to crap low rates with BCBS b/c the know that can just take it by volume rather than quality..
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:54pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT So, what do your customers what? Would they be interested in how their status would change?#solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:54pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @Jerry_DurhamPT Yes, and we as a profession need to get better at publishing our outcomes#solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:53pm via web
@nanc765 @SnippetPhysTher #solvept - there is another problem here, and that is the large, high volume, poor quality PT companies that...
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:53pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT @nanc765 EMR are now able to tell the health of your business... but we also need to know clinician performance #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:51pm via TweetDeck
@Jerry_DurhamPT Outcome data is a type of research - retrospective #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:51pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @nanc765 #solvept ..important to BSBS that the FABQ scores and ROM measures...again, just playing devils advocate..
The_OMPTMay 01, 10:51pm via HootSuite
@nanc765 @SnippetPhysTher #solvept, insurers appreciate my low utilization rates, avg pt better in 6-10 visits.
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:51pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @nanc765 #solvept - true, but i would argue that your EMR system that tracks visit #, avg charges, etc is more....
Jerry_DurhamPTMay 01, 10:51pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher just need to clarify...outcome data tells a story...versus research tells...? I need some context here... #solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:50pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher This is why PT in NC are successful with getting BCBS to establish new therapy driven guidelines for LBP mgmt #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:48pm via TweetDeck
@nanc765 Yes, I can! I have outcome numbers. I KNOW my performance. And I will be ready to fight BCBSM if/when the time comes #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:48pm via web
@Jerry_DurhamPT @SnippetPhysTher #solvept I joke w/him on it b/c I trained with him for my OMPT Fellowship, we've had this conversation
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:47pm via TweetDeck
@Jerry_DurhamPT I'll respectfully disagree... outcome data tells a story. #solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:47pm via web
@Jerry_DurhamPT @SnippetPhysTher@VegasAthletesPT @The_OMPT People don't always document properly.Having objective measures helps.#solvePT
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:46pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher - I agree, but sometimes I think the pendulum swings too far to the other extreme. #solvept. keep forgetting the hashtag!
Jerry_DurhamPTMay 01, 10:46pm via web
@SnippetPhysTher @VegasAthletesPT @The_OMPT The DATA is years of patients charts...if people document properly... #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:44pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT Measuring, knowing, analyzing outcomes is KEY to sharing our effectiveness #solvePT
Jerry_DurhamPTMay 01, 10:42pm via web
@The_OMPT agreed.....and its at that point that I butt heads with the researchers! #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:42pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT That isn't really a joking matter. We NEED data to support our effectiveness #solvept
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:41pm via web
@The_OMPT - but where's the science, the hard black & white data? Clearly it cant work if u cant put it on paper objectively...j/k..#solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:41pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT What's your performance report card? How can you share to your potential customers expectations?#solvept #
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:40pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT Okay... good start. Now, how did 20 of your patients do as a group? You know # visits, but what level of performance? #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 10:38pm via HootSuite
#solvept I know my results, pts say they're better, they move and function better, and they return to ADLs, do I need #'s for this?
The_OMPTMay 01, 10:35pm via HootSuite
@ptbise I like the FABQ, but also feel that you know who is a catastrophizer just by speaking with them. #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 10:34pm via HootSuite
@ptbise I'm not opposed to any questionnaires, I just don't use them in the clinic regularly. I see the value for research#solvept
nsteplifecareMay 01, 10:29pm via Tweetbot for iOS
Well rounded PT is one that welcomes #physicaltherapyCE on addressing psych-soc barriers to recovery to augment hands on training #solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:27pm via web
@dseidler it also depends on the subject matter...not much research on transfer of training with physical skills with web based ed #solvept
EricaMeloeMay 01, 10:22pm via Flipboard
@dseidler I think webinars are informative, depending on the subject. #solvept
nanc765May 01, 10:22pm via web
to be relevant, CE needs to be updated, referenced, and reflect practice...just like preprofessional education#solvept
traboccantMay 01, 10:21pm via TweetDeck
@SnippetPhysTher Have I got a CE course for you! My experience with ther touch! only $800 lol #sarcasm#solvept
DonReaganMay 01, 10:19pm via Twitter for iPhone
@SnippetPhysTher @The_OMPT questionnaires r good at tracking outcomes and client satisfaction #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:19pm via TweetDeck
@traboccant Hey, I was just sayin... lol Transparency is needed #solvept
traboccantMay 01, 10:19pm via TweetDeck
@SnippetPhysTher @VegasAthletesPT Experience as a CE course? What happened to science? #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:18pm via TweetDeck
@VegasAthletesPT That may be true... and if offering a CE course based on testimonial or "experience" need to be upfront about it #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:16pm via TweetDeck
@KendraPedPT @ptbise In my mind the regulation is needed or SOMETHING to help me readily know a quality course #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:15pm via TweetDeck
The #solvePT Tuesday continuing education discussion is now available: bit.ly/KpNkrF
pt_riddyMay 01, 10:15pm via Twitter for iPhone
@PhysicalTherapy Took an 18 month manual therapy fellowship and got no CE for it #solvept ???
VegasAthletesPTMay 01, 10:14pm via web
what do think of the notion that 'what works in clinic often takes 10yrs to get into the literature' - Dr E, I know u heard that! #solvept
KendraPedPTMay 01, 10:08pm via Twitter for iPad
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher There you go... Good criteria for quality CE = supported by evidence <10 yrs old.#solvept
brpikeptatcMay 01, 10:08pm via Twitter for iPad
@The_OMPT Active release technique courses are all hands on and have live case studies with Dr Leahy#solvePT
KendraPedPTMay 01, 10:05pm via Twitter for iPad
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher Regs are good, but-in the end-you can't reg professionalism. There will always be those who do the min. #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 10:04pm via Twitter for iPad
@KendraPedPT @SnippetPhysTher I'd settle for something with evidence that's not 10 years old for a start, then innovate #solvept
jsauerDPTMay 01, 10:03pm via web
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher True, many more pathways. Could APTA give more credit weight to certain EBP courses first few years out? #solvept
KendraPedPTMay 01, 10:02pm via Twitter for iPad
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher Agree, but wonder if that would delay/bog down the process of getting innovative and new CE out there. #solvept
traboccantMay 01, 10:02pm via TweetDeck
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher Yes, but only at the expense of your liver. Healing touch might get it though.#sarcasm#solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:01pm via TweetDeck
Okay... conversation officially wrapped up for me. I'll get PDF generated of it. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts!#solvePT
ptbiseMay 01, 10:01pm via Twitter for iPad
@traboccant @SnippetPhysTher can you fix my pancreas, I just had dessert #sarcasm #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 10:00pm via TweetDeck
@traboccant @ptbise But see... that's a start. Keep those wanting to meet the bare minimum held to some level of quality CE #solvePT
ptbiseMay 01, 10:00pm via Twitter for iPad
@SnippetPhysTher I know that academic Ed contributes to practice variation but I think CE only makes it worse w/o regs #solvept
traboccantMay 01, 10:00pm via TweetDeck
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher I chaired the CE approval in NM and nixed several courses (visceral manip) as not being best practice. #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:58pm via TweetDeck
I tend to stay away from courses that only sport testimonials as rationale #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:58pm via TweetDeck
@ptbise I think there does need to be something like that implemented - transparency #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:57pm via Twitter for iPad
@SnippetPhysTher maybe there needs to be a peer review process for CEUs similar to publication requirements #solvept
eiversptMay 01, 9:57pm via Twitter for iPhone
@The_OMPT agreed. And reading more than 2 articles. And staying engaged #solvept
physiocareptMay 01, 9:57pm via TweetDeck
@SnippetPhysTher one that does not promise to get every single pt. better ; ) #solvept
jsauerDPTMay 01, 9:56pm via web
@ptbise @PhysicalTherapy ha. easy, don't go putting words in my mouth! #sarcasm #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:55pm via Twitter for iPad
@traboccant @PhysicalTherapy This is EBP 1 or at least should be in all curricula #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:55pm via TweetDeck
So, what would tip you off that a CE course should be a fabulous learning experience? #solvePT
physiocareptMay 01, 9:54pm via TweetDeck
I am in a ScD program which promotes ind. thinking, the discussions are incredible.#solvept
traboccantMay 01, 9:53pm via TweetDeck
@ptbise @PhysicalTherapy But how many can critically evaluate those two articles? #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:53pm via TweetDeck
@physiocarept Seriously, they were! Adults learn by being engaged... adults don't need to be spoonfed #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:53pm via TweetDeck
@traboccant Medscape has free CE ... read article, take test, get CEU #solvept
jsauerDPTMay 01, 9:52pm via web
@ptbise @PhysicalTherapy and who knows quality of the two articles... #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:51pm via TweetDeck
The most memorable, excellent learning experience was with Wainner and Childs EIM c-spine. It was the discussion that rocked #solvePT
ptbiseMay 01, 9:51pm via Twitter for iPad
@PhysicalTherapy Wasn't it Jette et al. who found the average PT reads less than 2 articles a month? #solvept#problemwithpt
jsauerDPTMay 01, 9:51pm via web
Perhaps incorporate login info for full articles accessed through APTA article portal? #solvept
traboccantMay 01, 9:51pm via TweetDeck
RE bit.ly/K6leqI But no one controls what the article or search or blog. How do you control the content of what is learned? #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:50pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy I would also like to mention that blogging on professional topics is also a learning experience too #solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:49pm via TweetDeck
MD's get credit for time spent on artlcles/EBP "searches', real time research yet #physicaltherapy CE remains in dark ages of CEUs #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:49pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy The problem with "self learning" is no credit :( #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:48pm via Twitter for iPad
@SnippetPhysTher no but we can evaluate performance from early career to late career and should be getting better at very least #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:48pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy Honestly, Larry, I think I learn a TON more via my google reader and awesome tweeps!#solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:47pm via TweetDeck
latest trend-a good one in CE is concept of cont'd competency-applied articles, mentoring with master clinicians, EBP journal clubs #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:47pm via Twitter for iPad
@The_OMPT What do you say to regular use of the FABQ? Part of the TBC for low back and predictive of response in other issues #solvept
MattDeBoleMay 01, 9:47pm via Twitter for iPhone
@moconnell915 Thank you for the re-tweet Megan!!! Tell your friends and ask them to join! #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:47pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT @ptbise It's a scary yet humbling experience looking at your actual performance i.e. NOT depending on memory #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:46pm via HootSuite
@eiverspt #solvept experience, con-ed, experience, con-ed.. ironically the nature of this discussion
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:46pm via TweetDeck
Now, now... we all can't do residency programs our whole career... #solvePT
ptbiseMay 01, 9:46pm via Twitter for iPad
@SnippetPhysTher @The_OMPT you said it Selena, performance is going to be the buzz word as things change in PT #solvept
KendraPedPTMay 01, 9:45pm via Twitter for iPad
@The_OMPT @SnippetPhysTher Was getting ready to say the same thing as @ptbise. Every patient is a case study.#solvept
traboccantMay 01, 9:45pm via TweetDeck
@SnippetPhysTher Course not evaluated, yet. PT is, which is more important... #solvept
eiversptMay 01, 9:44pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept @The_OMPT test/retest. The "/" is the tx. How dow we choose the "/"?
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:43pm via TweetDeck
RT @ptbise but you are doing research, you do it on every patient but need a validated tracking device #solvept
Lincoln_PTMay 01, 9:43pm via TweetDeck
RT @PhysicalTherapy: bingo! RT @eiverspt#solveptconsider residency programs for much more regulated and rigorous CE. And gives certifiable distinction
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:43pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT Oh, you have so much to learn! You can use those tools you don't like. Analyze them & u learn your performance #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:43pm via Twitter for iPad
@The_OMPT @SnippetPhysTher but you are doing research, you do it on every patient but need a validated tracking device #solvept
jsauerDPTMay 01, 9:43pm via web
I like the EIM management approach of cover topic for several weeks, then weekend intensive lab #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:42pm via Twitter for iPad
@The_OMPT @SnippetPhysTher Evidence supports the use of outcome measures so why not use it? #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:42pm via HootSuite
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher if I were doing research I would use a questionnaire, but I'm not. #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:42pm via TweetDeck
@traboccant Not sure if that solves the problem... how do you know quality of the course? #solvePT
KendraPedPTMay 01, 9:41pm via Twitter for iPad
@PhysicalTherapy We tried to offer free online courses to our clinical instructors, & no one accessed them. #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:41pm via HootSuite
@ptbise @SnippetPhysTher #solvept simply I measure movement/function, pre-treatment and measure after, measure include pt report.
jsauerDPTMay 01, 9:40pm via web
@PhysicalTherapy not official CEU, but similar "energy healer awareness" extra lab in PT school, several students bought into it... #solvept
KendraPedPTMay 01, 9:40pm via Twitter for iPad
@SnippetPhysTher @ptbise I just jumped in and am also trying to figure out which we're talking about. Continuing ed, right? #solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:40pm via TweetDeck
bingo! RT @eiverspt#solvept consider residency programs for much more regulated and rigorous CE. And gives certifiable distinction
traboccantMay 01, 9:40pm via TweetDeck
@SnippetPhysTher Sorry to join in late. Have PTs looked into @FSBPT? They could lead the way on this issue.bit.ly/IEXxVc #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:40pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy Seriously... how did you fall into that kind of a trap and go to that kind of a course?#physicaltherapy #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:40pm via Twitter for iPad
@PhysicalTherapy myofascial release of the thoracic spine. All we did was breathe with our colleagues for 2 days. #solvept #worstCEever
dseidlerMay 01, 9:39pm via web
What are thoughts on online/webinar CE courses? Are they the future or a waste of time? #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:38pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT Okay... so what standardized measure do you use to capture outcomes? I don't do it EVERY visit, but I do every 30 days #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:37pm via TweetDeck
@ptbise I might be using them interchangably... sorry, Christopher :( #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:36pm via Twitter for iPad
There are 2 conversations going on here CE and CEU. Are we going to focus on one or remain split? #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:36pm via HootSuite
#solvept I'm not going to treat someone then hand them an SF-36, ODI, NDI, LEFS, or DASH to see if they improved.
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:36pm via TweetDeck
my worst #physicaltherapy CE some dude 20+ years ago hands 3" above pnt's abodmen-said they felt "energy" & "restrictions" ouch. #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:35pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy When the feet hit the ground - completely rewrapped & regifted. What a waste#physicaltherapy #solvept #worstCEever
physiocareptMay 01, 9:35pm via TweetDeck
@SnippetPhysTher competing org. like to disparage other competitors. #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:34pm via TweetDeck
@The_OMPT @DonReagan Testing & retesting movement or function every visit isn't the best way to track results/outcomes of service #solvePT
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:34pm via TweetDeck
ok, hit me with best shot. Worst #physicaltherapy CE course ever attended? #solvept #worstCEever
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:33pm via TweetDeck
@jengalbraith Help... what do you mean by CE for same curriculum for CIs? #solvept
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:33pm via HootSuite
@DonReagan #solvePT agreed! test and retest movement/function, within visit/treatment outcomes.
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:31pm via TweetDeck
@ptfromou Hmmmm, high approval rates means standards are quite low... #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:31pm via TweetDeck
@physiocarept What are the adversarial relationships you are mentioning? #solvept
ptfromouMay 01, 9:31pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept I think OH releases there approval rates. Typically very high
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:30pm via TweetDeck
@NovaPT How do you measure performance to know where therapists are weak to know what CE to focus?#solvePT
physiocareptMay 01, 9:29pm via TweetDeck
Maybe stopping the adversarial relations b/w competing CEU org. May help #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:29pm via TweetDeck
@ptfromou Definitely... creating connections and serving is highly important in this field #solvept #generationgap
eiversptMay 01, 9:28pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept seek a technology not just techniques is my advice. Just sayin
ptfromouMay 01, 9:28pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept. Agree w @PhysicalTherapy on need for interview and custmr service. Seen Recent students/new grads struggle w this. #generationgap
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:28pm via TweetDeck
@DonReagan You don't know your outcomes unless they are measured and analyzed #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:27pm via TweetDeck
@jengalbraith Does the OH state board ever share number of submissions vs number accepted? #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:26pm via TweetDeck
I also tend to think if clinicians really had an inkling of weaknesses, they'd have better capability to know what they needed #solvePT
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:26pm via HootSuite
@NovaPT @ptbise #solvept maybe we should teach students using live pts too?
eiversptMay 01, 9:25pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept consider residency programs for much more regulated and rigorous CE. And gives certifiable distinction to the student.
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:25pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy It does though... our colleagues get brain warped and it hurts us professionally #solvePT
KintegrateMay 01, 9:24pm via HootSuite
I think we should remove multi-leveled technique centric certifications, IMO, #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:23pm via TweetDeck
So why couldn't research standards like CONSORT, PRISMA, TREND 0r STARD be tweeked to help provide info to clinicians? #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:21pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy And in generating income as the focus, our profession is being diluted #physicaltherapy #solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:21pm via TweetDeck
not all #physicaltherapy CE should be "hands on" imho-gr8t need for patient interview skills, applied psych, & customer service #solvept
DonReaganMay 01, 9:21pm via HootSuite
RT @Kintegrate: Education should be de-mysticized and use language that is common instead of inventing some lingo to sell #solvePT
KintegrateMay 01, 9:20pm via HootSuite
@SnippetPhysTher BAM! there you go, I think we should have an independent website of APTA by academic, selected practitioners #solvePT
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:19pm via TweetDeck
it's unfortunate imho that #physicaltherapy CE has turned into annuity income for state chapter's budgets #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:19pm via TweetDeck
@NovaPT Do therapists give feedback? Do you drop crappy CE from being acceptable? #SolvePT
TommyTempestaMay 01, 9:17pm via TweetDeck
RT @PhysicalTherapy: isn't it a little bit curious that out of 220+ #physicaltherapy programs that less than handful offer CE? #solvept
ptbiseMay 01, 9:17pm via HootSuite
@The_OMPT agreed, we don't teach students without a lab course do we? #solvept
eiversptMay 01, 9:17pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept @Kintegrate agreed! There are no original ideas. Just fresh ways of looking at the same thing
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:17pm via TweetDeck
if I was CE czar there would never be a course with an eponym-even McKenzie. just sayin' #solvept
TommyTempestaMay 01, 9:17pm via HootSuite
RT @The_OMPT#solvept more courses should have live pt treatments like McKenzie Institute, directly applicable
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:16pm via TweetDeck
watching gr8t segment on DWTS abt #physicaltherapyimpact on brain injured dancer-WOW! now dancin for 1st time since #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:16pm via TweetDeck
@Kintegrate Some sections use CEU to increase their profits #followthemoney #solvePT
DonReaganMay 01, 9:15pm via Twitter for iPhone
“@The_OMPT#solvept more courses should have live pt treatments like McKenzie Institute, directly applicable” need pragmatic application!
KintegrateMay 01, 9:15pm via HootSuite
There is tremendous value in looking at old concepts and technique through the lens of new research, no need for new jargon to sell #solvePT
eiversptMay 01, 9:14pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept social med reviews may be more helpful and easier to est
The_OMPTMay 01, 9:14pm via HootSuite
#solvept more courses should have live pt treatments like McKenzie Institute, directly applicable
KintegrateMay 01, 9:14pm via HootSuite
Does the APTA or any other body get money for cert of CEU? Perhaps this could be part of the prob#followthemoney #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:13pm via TweetDeck
Could something be created like what journals use to indicate strength of the research? #solvePT
ptbiseMay 01, 9:13pm via HootSuite
Late to the party, are we talking about CE = Clinical Education? #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:11pm via TweetDeck
RT @PhysicalTherapy: CE that says "evidence based" is redundant and illusory at the same time #solvept <- agree
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:10pm via TweetDeck
buyer beware-look for fusion of academia & "real PT's" who see "real patients" & get "real situations" w "real social complexities" #solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:10pm via TweetDeck
isn't it a little bit curious that out of 220+ #physicaltherapyprograms that less than handful offer CE? #solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:10pm via TweetDeck
CE that says "evidence based" is redundant and illusory at the same time #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:10pm via TweetDeck
@Kintegrate I fell for that lingo stuff once... was MAJORLY disappointed because it was re-gifted versus new & I expected new #solvePT
eiversptMay 01, 9:09pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept the trick is critical thinking skills taught to PT students. With that much of the mystery disappears
KintegrateMay 01, 9:09pm via HootSuite
@SnippetPhysTher People create new lingo from old concepts and call it new to sell IMO, #solvePT, theory changes with ed techniques do not
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:08pm via TweetDeck
via @PhysicalTherapy: buyer beware means if dude w reflex hammer selling CE wants to use it for other than traditional DTR's run #solvept
eiversptMay 01, 9:07pm via Twitter for iPhone
#solvept I think research has created a common scientific language that validate many effective PT interventions
KintegrateMay 01, 9:07pm via HootSuite
By clearing house I mean website #solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:07pm via TweetDeck
@Kintegrate Does the lingo create an increase desire to be cool and want to learn it because it's new? #solvePT
KintegrateMay 01, 9:06pm via HootSuite
If we could create a central clearing house with user ratings etc perhaps that is a start. #solvePT, we would need reviewers to but into it
KintegrateMay 01, 9:05pm via HootSuite
Education should be de-mysticized and use language that is common instead of inventing some lingo to sell#solvePT
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:03pm via TweetDeck
@PhysicalTherapy Should it be reasonable for buyer beware? Or could something help improve the ability to choose? #solvept
PhysicalTherapyMay 01, 9:01pm via TweetDeck
CE in #physicaltherapy is unregulated which is fine but definitely buyer beware #solvept
SnippetPhysTherMay 01, 9:01pm via TweetDeck
So, does anyone have any ideas on how to not fall into a fad trap of buzzwords when choosing continuing education? #solvePT


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