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Reader Shout Out!

I met a few blog readers at last weekend's SFMA in Boston.

So here's a shout out to Noah Harrison and Matt Wood of OA Centers for Orthopaedics in Maine, Robert Shapiro of Gold Coast PT in Long Island, NY, Bob Scanlon from NJ, David Jou of Sports PT of NY, and another who did not tell me his name. Thanks for your support of the EDGE and my blog! It was great to meet and hang out with you guys for a weekend! Hopefully we'll catch up at SFMA part 2 or another course in the future!


  1. Noah Harrison, DPTApril 16, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    Looking forward to seeing you up at my workplace at SFMA 2! Matt and I are planning on doing a video of my SFMA assessment, and as it transforms we'll post and share it ( I will be FN through and through someday!). Maybe I'll show some EDGE with movement mobilization on these here BIL rectricted soleus (s).

  2. Noah "DN" Harrison, I thought when you said you were lax that you'd have great mobility! You were a great SFMA to watch! Would love to see those guys treat you! I had some ideas myself! Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!