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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dean Somerset, Sports Medicine Research, and Gray Cook.

SMR reviewed research comparing therapeutic US and the gold standard MRI for bone stress injuries. The TUS compared favorably, especially for severe with high sensitivity. The PPV was also 99%. The sensitivity was lower, but still acceptable for less severe injuries. Time to dust off those US machines when you suspect a bone stress injury!

Dean Somerset wants you to Stop Doing These 5 Exercises. I know I have done some of them in the past, just as he has! Some of you may still be doing them! Give it a read. Thanks to Ann Wendel for posting this last week on twitter.

Gray Cook updated his site recently with his Movement Principle #7. It's a well written principle on not loading already faulty movement patterns."The only practice that’s worth anything is practice that doesn’t rehearse continual, unmanageable mistakes."

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