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Top 5 Fridays! 5+ Exercises for Multiplanar Training

5+ Exercises for Multiplanar Training -

Athletic performance comes down to your ability to master multi-planar movements.

Sports occur in all planes of motion: sagittal (forward/reverse), transverse (rotational/twisting), and frontal (lateral/side-to-side). Hence: multi-planar.

Your goal as a coach should be to help your athletes become as physically competent and skilled in all planes. Leave no stones unturned in the weight room to ensure success in sport.

The often-forgotten frontal plane is one that focuses on lateral and side-to-side movements. Consider the “athletic position/stance” in sports where a player is slightly bent at the knees and hips, a torso angle that is slightly leaning forward, forward gaze, and hands down by the side are ready to react.

Now, imagine that athlete would... turn and sprint, turn and backpedal, side shuffle to track down a defender, jump and land, etc. You can begin to see how important this position and these motions are now in sports.

There are many ways to load the frontal plane of motion in a training program. Big hitters to build strength in revolve around the hips, knees, and groin (inner thigh) muscles.

Exercises such as these below—among many others—tend to get the job done well:
  1. Lateral Squats & Lunges
  2. Cossack Squats & Lunges
  3. Curtsy Squats & Lunges
  4. Lateral Step-Ups & Step-Downs
  5. Lateral Hopping & Jumping
  6. Lateral Shuffling & Running⠀

Dominate the frontal plane and you’ll dominate sports

Reposted with permission from @matthewibrahim_ instagram

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