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Top 4 Fridays! 4 Crazy Medical Beliefs

4 Crazy Medical Beliefs -

There have been a lot of crazy beliefs within the medical field throughout the centuries.
We often chuckle when we learn about some of the ideas and beliefs many physicians and scientists had 100s of years ago.
4 Crazy Medical Beliefs -

But in reality, what are people in the future going to think about us? We literally have amazing technology that can stop and start someone’s heart, but yet we try to simplify complex medical conditions to one root cause.

It takes an estimated 17 years for knowledge translation to catch up with evidence based medicine, but for some reason with the study of pain we are holding onto our core beliefs we have had for nearly 100s of years.

Sure there has been updated knowledge and treatment, however, the foundations of the biomedical model were first introduced in the 17th century by Renes Descartes and we have yet to move past it.

Being able to improve your knowledge and understanding comes with a degree of uncertainty and skepticism. It is pertinent that we embrace this uncertainty to allow for a much quicker translation of knowledge where hopefully it doesn’t take another 1000 years for us to realize how far we missed the boat.

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