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Top 5 Fridays! The 5+ Villains of Evidenced Based Practice

The 5+ Villains of Evidenced Based Practice -


Okay, this week’s Top 5 is super corny, but I had fun thinking about some of the most common ways our evidence suffers due to illogical thinking.

Applying evidence to practice relies on finely tuning a fluid combination of what the best literature tells us, what our clinical experience tells us, and what the patient’s values are.
Villians of Evidence Based Practice by Cameron Faller 

Some common pitfalls get in the way of this and can create scenarios where clinicians become skewed in their thoughts and interpretations of certain events.
  • Post-Hoctopus - This villain has allowed for the continuation of individuals placing a high value on certain low-supported interventions such as KT tape, MET, ultrasound, etc. despite not understanding the true effect of these interventions.
  • Sir Please-A-lot - It is important to include the patient's values as part of your treatment, but we are also doing them a disservice if we aren’t fully educating around their uninformed knowledge and only giving them what they want.
  • Old Dog - The claim that his experience tells us otherwise is his famous statement. The problem with this thinking is that most theories get proven wrong eventually, so instead of trying to be right, focus on being less wrong.
  • Dichotomous Anonymous - Most controversial topics in our world don’t have a right and wrong answer, but more so lie on a spectrum with the best information sitting somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.
  • Ms. Popularity - You see her on TV, all over social media, even when you are driving on the highway. The media loves to infiltrate popular products and gets higher figures to promote it in order to make a better profit. Don’t be fooled by their tricks, just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it is good.
  • Anecdotalopous - It may be tempting to trust anecdotal evidence, but until better high-quality evidence is published, don’t waste your time and money thinking that the next best thing actually is the next best thing.
Our way of gaining information has expanded profoundly and has created new challenges with our thinking.  So as you try to learn on being less wrong, beware of these villains that will likely try to get in your way!

Via Dr. Cameron Faller's Instagram

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