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Top 5 Fridays! 5+ Hanging Exercises for a Strong Core and Grip

🎯 Core & Grip Strength ⤵️

🧱 Building core and grip strength can come in many forms and through many outlets. Using the hanging position from a pull-up bar serves as a useful way to build both at once. The hanging position challenges core strength through the abdominal muscles and grip strength through the forearm muscles, in addition to latissimus dorsi ("lat") muscle flexibility and shoulder joint mobility.

🧱 The cool part is that you can go through an entire exercise progression series by adding physics and levers into the mix. Bending the knee(s) through the knee tuck action would be considered a shortened lever where it would be a good place to start. This also challenges flexion at the hip joint(s), which ties in hip flexor muscle strengthening as well.

🧱 The next advancement would be to keep the leg(s) long the entire time through the leg raise action, which emphasizes hip flexor muscle strengthening to an even greater degree. These 6 exercises below really allow you to dial in core strengthening with a bunch of other benefits peppered in.
🧱 Implementing exercises that check off several boxes at once is a surefire way to allow your body to continually make gains in the gym and build long-term durability in a unified format. Keep a stiff core and arm position as you perform each leg action. Add these exercises in the next time you're looking to build core strength!
💥 Exercise Progressions:

1. Hanging Knee Tuck

2. Hanging 1-Leg Knee Tuck

3. Hanging Alternating Knee Tuck

4. Hanging Leg Raise

5. Hanging 1-Leg Raise

6. Hanging Alternating Leg Raise

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