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The Magic Pill That Treats All Ailments

The Magic Pill That Treats All Ailments -

What if I told you that there is a pill that could treat almost every chronic condition.

Would you be willing to take it? 🤔

Fortunately, we have found an intervention of such sort that has been shown to consistently reduce the health burden on a variety of chronic conditions.
Exercise: The Treatment of all Ailments by Cameron Faller

Unfortunately, only 20% of individuals who are prescribed with it are compliant with the actual dosage and frequency.

Would you like to know the name of this pill?

Most people refer to it as "exercise" with a generic brand name of "physical activity."

The beauty of this intervention is that there are no specifics of what exercise is supposed to look like, just the fact that people are recommended to perform 150 min/week of moderate activity or 75 min/week of vigorous activity.

This activity excludes work related tasks and in order to decipher what moderate and vigorous are, you can use the talk test.

Mild (should be able to sing), moderate (should be able to talk), and vigorous (should only get a few words out).

Now that you know what this wonderful intervention is, are you willing to take it?

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"Movement is Medicine"

Reference: Kasiakogias A, Sharma S. Exercise: The ultimate treatment to all ailments?. Clin Cardiol. 2020;

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