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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Exercises to Train Your Achilles

5 Exercises to Train Your Achilles -

πŸ’₯π€πœπ‘π’π₯π₯𝐞𝐬 π“π«πšπ’π§π’π§π πŸ’₯ - Reposted with permission from @rehabscience

πŸ“šThe achilles tendon is a thick fibrous cord that attaches the ankle plantarflexors (calf muscles) to the heel bone (calcaneus). If this tendon is stressed beyond its capacity, such as with a forceful stretch or a powerful contraction, a tendon rupture can occur.

πŸ”ŽAchilles tendon tears, like this great image from @drjohnkennedy, usually occur in recreational athletes who participate in activities that require the calf muscles to produce large forces, such as basketball, beach volleyball and soccer.
🧠Normally, we wouldn’t think of these activities as being particularly dangerous, but, in the case of the ‘weekend warrior’, who is often mostly sedentary during the work week, problems can arise. In these types of athletes, it is not uncommon to see a situation where the musculoskeletal system is somewhat deconditioned and may not possess the capacity for explosive, forceful movement.
✅If you fall into such a category, or just want to protect your achilles for the long haul, give these exercises a try. 
1️⃣Double-Leg Calf Raise
2️⃣Single-Leg Calf Raise
3️⃣Calf Pulses
4️⃣Single-Leg Hop
5️⃣Single-Leg Change of Direction Hop
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