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Top 4 Fridays! 4 Core Exercises to Improve Strength and Stability

🧱Core Strength & Stability⤵️ reposted with permission from Matthew Ibrahim's Instagram -
Is it okay to flex your spine, extend your spine, rotate your spine and/or side bend with your spine? ⠀ Yes. One more time for the people in the back: yes! ⠀ On the surface, nothing is inherently wrong or bad with doing these things. ⠀ However, let's set the stage first and foremost by building a strong and durable core by focusing on core strength and stability. That's the key for long-term core and low back health.
This is where all of the "anti" core exercises come into play: ⠀ • Anti-extension • Anti-side bend (lateral flexion) • Anti-flexion • Anti-rotation ⠀ By training the core in this fashion first, you're allowing these muscles to do their primary job: stabilize the spine. Building strength in the core through this avenue is a surefire way to forge spinal resilience. ⠀ 🎯Anti-Extension Core Exercise: ⠀ - Ab Wheel Tall Kneel Roll-Out ⠀ 🎯Anti-Side Bend Core Exercise: ⠀ - DB Side Plank w/ Top Knee Drive ⠀ 🎯Anti-Flexion Core Exercise: ⠀ - KB Goblet Carry ⠀ 🎯Anti-Rotation Core Exercise: ⠀ - Band Standing Buoy Pallof Press

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