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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Exercises for Lower Body Tendon Health

💎Lower Body Tendon Health: 6 Bodyweight Exercises⤵️

Via Matt Ibrahim on instagram- 5 + 1 Bonus Bodyweight Lower Body Tendon Exercises
👌🏼Right now serves as a great time to work on your lower body tendon health.

🧠Here are my top 3 reasons why...

⏰1. TIME - You have plenty of free time on your hands now. Enter: long duration isometric holds.

✋🏼2. NO EQUIPMENT - You likely have little to no gym equipment access. That’s totally cool. All you’ll need is bodyweight for these exercises.

📦3. NO SPACE - You likely have little to no physical space to workout. Again, no sweat! Isometric hold exercises require that you maintain a static position the entire time, meaning that no movement is necessary.

💥Bonus: TENDON GAINS - Building strong and durable tendons will ultimately aid in the preservation of your overall fitness levels. Long-term health and performance isn’t just about the muscle gains; your tendons need gains as well!

🔑The focal point of these lower body tendon health exercises will be long duration isometric holds. We will be keying in on the achilles tendon in the ankle, the patella tendon and the quadriceps tendon in the knee, and the proximal hamstring tendon at the top of the hamstring.

⏱Long duration isometric holds are key to long-term structural health in your tendons and can be pivotal in decreasing the likelihood of injuries and promoting strength in your tendons.

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