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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Hip Flexor Strengthening Exercises - Tight Hips or Weak Hips?

🎯Strong Hip Flexors - 5 Exercises⤵️
⠀ 🔑The often-neglected, commonly complained about "tight hip flexors" can really be avoided if we actually load and strengthen this region of the body. ⠀ 🔑Most folks fail to load the hip flexor muscles, which are important contributors in all sprinting, running and sporting endeavors that require flexion of the hip to occur. ⠀ 🔑The key to strengthening this area is to spend quality time under tension via isometrics, eccentrics and through tempo work. ⠀ 🔑The mini-band is a great tool to begin providing strength work to the hip flexors, which can then be progressed to the utilization of sliders, bands and equipment of that nature. ⠀ ✅Exercise list: ⠀ 1. Mini-Band Floor Long Sprinter Iso ⠀ 2. Tempo Mini-Band Floor 90/90 Sprinter (Tempo: 3-Sec Out & 3-Sec In) ⠀ 3. Band Press Iso w/ 1-Leg Lower ⠀ 4. Slider Mini-Band Tall Plank w/ Knee Drive ⠀ 5. Mini-Band Standing Sprinter Reposted with permission from @matthewibrahim_ on instagram

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