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Sleep, Recovery, and Performance in Athletes

How often do you address sleep? Quality AND quantity? This is important not only for athletic performance, but also recovery. It is also important for those with chronic pain and overall central sensitization.

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Sleep, Recovery, and Performance in Sports

More and more frequently athletes and healthcare professionals are realizing the importance of adequate sleep duration and quality for athletic performance and recovery.

Sleep specialists are used by many professional teams to aid athletes suffering from sleep issues, including:
Sleep deprivation
Jet lag.
As more is discovered about the impact of sleep duration, timing, and quality on human performance and recovery, more athletes are adopting the principles.
Also, sleep plays a prominent role in concussion management.
Sleep complaints are commonly noted after mild traumatic brain injury, and may play a role in exacerbating other concussion symptoms and slowing recovery.
Malhorta (2017), published an article highlighting recent research covering the important effects of adequate sleep for athletes. .
Poor duration, quality, and timing of sleep can lead to:
Poor performance
Slower recovery
Higher risk of injury

Athletes commonly suffer from:
Insufficient sleep
Jet lag
Obstructive sleep apnea. .

Improving sleep in athletes has been shown in some studies to improve performance on the field. .

Sleep symptoms are commonly seen after concussion and should be managed appropriately, as poor sleep can exacerbate or prolong any concussion symptoms.

Recently, evidence-based consensus recommendations have been published stating that adults need at least 7 hours of sleep for optimal health.
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Malhotra, R.K., 2017. Sleep, Recovery, and Performance in Sports. Neurologic Clinics. 35(3), pp. 547-557.

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