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You Need to Know This Before Starting Your Business...

Today, I wanted to let you in on what you need to know before you go start your physical therapy business.

  • Perfection is a business killer.
Look, perfection is what got you through PT school. It’s what helped you get the credentials after your name. But, it will kill your business faster than anything. It keeps you from launching your website or marketing campaign. It keeps you from going downtown and getting the licenses that you need to open your business. 80% is good enough and will get you there.
  • People don’t care about your credentials.
I really don’t care about all the letters after your name. Patients don’t care either. Most of the time, they don’t understand what they mean anyway. What matters more is how you can help them.
  • You need to get into your perfect patient’s head.
Instead of worrying about your credentials, worry about what your patient is thinking. If you can get into their head, your marketing messages and website will ring so much truer.
  • There’s never a better time to start a cash practice.
If you know you want it, don’t hesitate. It’s never a bad time to start. There are more PT jobs available than ever right now. Plenty of people need PT. All the excuses you’re coming up with are just excuses.
  • Results will come. Be persistent.
If your goal is to help as many people as you can, the financial results will follow. (It’s okay to talk about money because it’s your job as a business owner to generate a profit!) If you feel like you’re struggling now, don’t quit. Look at the bigger picture and the results will come. There is no failure in business. Keep pushing.

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