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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Untold Physio Stories Podcasts of 2019

If you have a 10-15 min commute, and love PT, manual therapy, interesting cases and most importantly, fail stories, you NEED to catch up on our podcast, Untold Physio Stories. 

  • don't underestimate what some education can do 
  • if you ever face adversity with educating another provider or a health care team, be persistent and have faith in your knowledge base!
  • you may change hundreds or thousands of lives as a result!

  • in the modern age of Therapeutic Pain Neuroscience Education, we all try to downplay fear avoidance but sometimes it can blow up in your face

  • in this extra long 20 min podcast, Dr. Ben Stevens of Somatic Senses Education goes over his unexplained symptoms, how they changed his life and the steps he took to overcome these chronic issues

  • We all have pet peeves, including professional ones, in this episode Erson goes over his pet peeves and one patient in particular who at the time pushed him over the edge\

  • We're PTs, we move or not move people, we load them or rest them
  • do you load acute tendinopathies that are newly irritated?
  • What expectations for relief and return to function do you expect?

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