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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Motion Guidance Applications

The Motion Guidance is one of my favorite tools for rehab. Using visual feedback on the grid or with some of their newer tools is a great way to restore motor control.

Here's a quick look at some great #motionguidance applications you can use to enhance your client's rehab experience and performance. We'd love to see more of your ideas on social media, at @motionguidance or @modernmanualtherapy

1) Lunge with slider disc

This is a great exercise to demonstrate hip dynamic control, and the ability to track various planes of motion (varus, neutral, valgus) with control.

2) Lateral Cervical Challenge 

Heres an example of how versatile the MG kit is, and how it can add value to any exercise: test the resilience of lateral neck strength and tolerance to sustained loaded activity by adding a visual feedback drill to the lateral neck raise. This one is challenging!

3) Cervical Clocks

This is a great exercise for interactive neck exercise drills that give the user immediate visual feedback toward their "target location," speed and accuracy. Plus, it's a fun challenge. You can download the "clock yourself" app and ramp up/down the speed as the client is able. Give it a try!

4) Terminal Knee Extension: 

This is a classic #MG favorite, and an extremely useful feedback tool for persons with quad inhibition or lacking TKE. You can do this in SAQ, standing TKE, or simple with a Quad Set or SLR. Often, the subtle lack of extension isn't noticeable to the user until they see the feedback.

5) Shoulder Proprioception with "ClockYourself App"
 This is another fun one for shoulder patients at various skill level: slow it down and work on ROM and accuracy, or speed it up and test target location skill and ability to quickly stop on target. This requires good shoulder positional awareness and control.

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