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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Rehab Program Mistakes

Patients don't get better rapidly (or at all) if they don't do their homework. Here's an awesome infographic via Running Physio on instagram. I've been guilty of some or all of these things at one point. What about you?

[5 REHABILITATION PROGRAM MISTAKES] 🚫 _ ☝🏻I believe that these are the key mistakes made when prescribing injury rehabilitation programs πŸ“‹ _ πŸ‘‰πŸ»With most sports related injuries requiring strength & conditioning exercises for the best & most timely results aim for programs that are: . ✅simple . ✅progressive with loads (heavy loads typically required) . ✅streamlined . ✅ understood (for the benefits that they will bring) . ✅ adhered to _ πŸ“ŒTAKE HOME: keep these mistakes in mind when next completing or prescribing an injury rehabilitation program πŸ‘πŸ» _ ‼️If you know someone this can help please tag or share it with them ✋πŸ»πŸƒ‍♂️ _ ❓Q’s and comments are welcome . . . #physio #physicaltherapy #strength #rehabilitation #sportsscience #resistance #training #marathon #marathontraining #runstrong

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