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Evaluate, Reset, and Stabilize the Hip Part 2

Here is my quick self evaluation, treatment, and strengthening/stabilization of the hip for anterior (front) hip pinching or pain during squatting. 

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This is based on the Eval, Reset, and Stabilize System I teach in The Eclectic Approach to Modern Manual Therapy. After your manual therapy, or making loading of the hip threat free, make sure the patient (or yourself) can replicate the effects of treatment repeatedly at home or the gym. The dosage is key to make the improvements last.

In Part 2 of this video series, I go over the Stabilization Phase of Eval, Reset, and Stabilize. Stabilization for me means efficient and threat free acceptance of load and to be able to go through full mobility.

Evaluate, Stabilize, and Reset the Hip Part 2

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