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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Brain Training Exercises for Concussion

Most clinicians not only have inadequate training for concussions, but also have difficulty with true empathy. Dr. Molly Parker on instagram is an amazing resource.

She not only shares a wealth of great information, but also her daily struggles on her own post concussion recovery. Below is a post and compilation of videos from instagram on 5 Brain Training Exercises from her feed. Please give her a follow!

Brain Training Exercises . Last week we talked about dual task exercises for concussion recovery. Dual task is doing two tasks at the same time. Think gait + a cognitive task (walking while counting by 3's). . Now let's have a little fun... . This week we're going to talk about multi-system brain training exercises. I've reached out to some of my friends to give you some examples of what this can look like! . These range from beginner to advanced and will help get your creative juices flowing when it comes to training sessions. . In concussion recovery? It's a matter of taking the right steps at the right time. Ask your healthcare provider which multi-system exercises may be right for you! . Overall healthy but looking to challenge your body and brain in new ways? Try combining motor coordination, cognitive tasks, reaction time, hand eye coordination, interhemispheric integration, etc...the combinations are endless. You have the license to play. . Here are some ideas: . 🔹️Video #1 @_thediamondboss 🔹️Video #2 @pierreseliteperformance 🔹️Video #3 @glatt.somatiq 🔹️Video #4 @_thediamondboss 🔹️Video #5 @pierreseliteperformance . 🔹️🔹️Take Home Point: Training the brain whether you're in recovery or looking to optimize your health does not have to isolate systems. There is a time and a place for both! . . . ❤Like it? Share away! 🧠Follow👉@mollyparkerpt for all things concussion
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5 Brain Training Exercises - Multi-System Training for Concussion

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