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MMT Challenge: Shoulder Mobilizations - Do the Wrong Thing

Many traditional manual therapy beliefs state that specificity is needed and possible. Neither are true - read this older but very relevant article. 

To have a little experiment, next time you assess any mild to moderate mobility limitation that you feel would normally improve with joint mobilizations, try this little challenge. Don't do the "specific" mobilization normally indicated. If someone has an IR limitation, instead of doing posterior glides, try doing anterior glides. Do it for the normal time you mobilize or only 1-2 minutes tops. Reassess mobility, you'll find in a majority of cases, the missing mobility returns, whether or not you follow arthrokinematic rules. You're not deforming joint capsule, merely stimulating many tissues in the peripheral nervous system causing a novel, non-threatening input to the central nervous system. Much of what occurs with most manual and exercise based treatments that happens rapidly are non-specific effects. This is why "placebo" based groups in manual therapy studies often improve with little to no significant differences over the "real" technique.

Much of the minutiae in commercial based models is not needed, you certainly do not need magic hands, palpatory skills, or educated pressing and guessing. Report back in the comments on facebook, instagram, youtube, or the blog with your findings!

MMT Challenge: Shoulder Mobilizations - Do the Wrong Thing!

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