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Lateral Chain Arm Pull Test - Stabilize the Lumbar Spine and Single Limb Stance

In my Evaluate, Stabilize, Reset system, I try to find patterns that are common among symptoms regardless of condition. You may find that if sidegliding in standing relieves complaints, but does not last between sessions; this is despite patient compliance and proper end range loading. 

This also may correlate with an inability to properly load a squat - deviates away from involved side, and instability in single limb squat.

If you see those patterns, check the LCAP - Lateral Chain Arm Pull test and see if pulling on the contralateral arm tests weaker or more difficult. Example, poor Left Single Limb Stance Stability should test weak with a Right Arm Pull. 

If you see this pattern, instruct them on farmer's carries or as a regression sideplanks, superclams on the left to "stabilize" the involved side.

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