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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn IASTM Technique

Mike Reinold are having a sale on our acclaimed IASTM Technique 2.0. It's normally an amazing value at $199.99 but for this week only, from Aug 21 to 27, you can SAVE $50! You get everything you need to level up your soft tissue toolbox in over 9 hours of training.
Maybe you've taken other IASTM courses, or dabbled in using some sort of tool to save your hands, but did you know?

1) IASTM can and should be pain free?

  • We teach Modern mechanisms based on what science tells us is not happening, namely mechanical changes with manual therapy
  • If it takes thousands of pounds of force to deform fascia just 1%, discoloration and soreness should be an exception and not a rule
2) You don't need specific strokes
  • no need for "filleting," "J strokes" or other specific techniques
  • lightly scraping the skin desensitizes the area and decreases perception of stretch
  • the change in perception and novel input from the scraping is what make the rapid changes in pain and mobility, NOT the force or the type of stroke
3) Compression wrapping can be used to enhance manual therapy
  • some resources online tell you that you have 20-30 seconds when using compression wrapping before the limb goes numb
  • that might be true if you're wrapping the band too tightly
  • like IASTM, there are no ways to break up scar tissue or adhesions
    • you wouldn't use a sponge to break up a rock, right?
  • the purpose of compression wrapping is to decrease perception of stretch, so it can be used not only during dynamic warm ups, but also during manual therapy - easily make any of your top joint mobilizations pain free with just some light wrapping

4) Cupping shouldn't leave marks
  • do your patients look like they've been attacked by the Kraken?
  • our "Functional Cupping" takes an ages old technique and updates it 
  • using the aforementioned neurophysiological principles, we teach how to move the cups around in various techniques 
  • static cupping can be used, but move the patient around and don't leave the cups on for more than 1-2 minutes tops
  • the mobilization and movement helps decrease the stretch perception and also helps minimize discoloration
5) It's on SALE
  • IASTM Technique is 9.0+ hours of training you can take anywhere you have an internet connection
  • you save $50 plus get HUGE discounts on everything you need to get started with IASTM, Compression Wrapping, and Functional Cupping!

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