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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Posts of 2017 So Far

It's that time of the year again! By that, I mean it's a holiday in the US, so the team needs to take a break from writing and shooting all our awesome content. If you missed any of it this year, here are our Top 5 Posts of the First Half of 2017.

  • by Dr. Peter Malliaras of
  • Peter's posts have been very popular and welcome on MMT Blog as they provide a great insight and clinically applicable information for Tendinopathy

  • need to improve shoulder elevation, but many of your go to techniques are uncomfortable?
  • this is a great variation on a classic technique that uses PNF to make the technique pain free and greatly reduce perception of stretch and tone

  • this was a recent but very popular post
  • true frozen shoulders are slow responders and I have been guilty in the past just like many other clinician in trying to hurry the process along
  • while typically we cannot drastically improve their mobility rapidly, we can modulate pain, decrease tone, and get them moving better in all planes with much less perceived threat

  • this was one of my favorite posts of the year as I discovered this technique as kind of a last ditch effort to correct an ipsilateral lateral shift
  • I've since started this as an assessment for people with recurrent loss of ability to accept load in the LQ or with single limb stability issues (it's not just glut med weakness)
  • I'll shoot that video soon as it's become part of my "chains" assessment

  • ahhh controversy never fails to be popular
  • What does contributor Dr. Dennis Treubig think should be retired from the PT profession along with my quick list?
Thanks to everyone for reading this year, sharing, and all your comments and questions. Keep them coming and to everyone in the US or if you happen to have an upcoming holiday, have a great time with your friends and family!

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