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[FREE WEBINAR] Spots Still Open for Running, Rate, and Rhythm

Spots are going fast! The next MMT Webinar registration is now live! Save the date for Wed Mar 29th, 8:30 pm EST. I'm super excited to have my good friend, colleague, and cyborg, Chris Johnson of Zeren PT and Performance for Running, Rate, and Rhythm: Demystifying Step Rate Manipulation to Help Runners with Their Lower Extremity Pain. Remember, every MMT Webinar attendant has a chance at winning a lifetime subscription to Modern Manual Therapy Premium!

I assisted Chris' System of a Run course a few years back and have been using his evidence based and simple strategies on my runners and patients with lower quarter pain ever since!

  •  Define step rate (AKA cadence) and review common misconceptions that are pervasive in the running community
  • Highlight key impact papers highlighting the role of step rate manipulation to address common running related injuries
  • Discuss step rate as a function of speed and stride length
  • Discuss step rate as one of many variables worth considering when assessing one's running gait
  • Provide example case studies where step rate manipulation played an integral role in helping runners return to consistent training.

Want an approach that enhances your existing evaluation and treatment? No commercial model gives you THE answer. You need an approach that blends the modern with the old school. Live cases, webinars, lectures, Q&A, hundreds of techniques and more! Check out Modern Manual Therapy!

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