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5 Things That Should Be Retired From The PT Profession

Seeing as how some of my prior posts have been about why I think SLRs, pulleys, and pendulums should be eliminated from the PT world, I figured I would put this question out there:

Name 5 things you think should be retired from the PT profession/clinic?

It can be a technique, exercise, rationale, concept, term, piece of equipment, etc. Just off the top of my head for me would be:
  1. ultrasound 
  2. pulleys 
  3. pendulums 
  4. SLRs (for strengthening) 
  5. "VMO training" 
There are many more I could list, but those were the first 5 that came to mind.

And if you listen to the Therapy Insiders podcast, we know that Gene will undoubtedly say "polos."

I think the best way to keep this conversation going is by using #PTretirementparty (or a different hashtag if you can think of a better one - #PTgraveyard #PT cemetery)

- Dennis, Modern Sports PT

edit: Dr. E's list
  1. Passive intervertebral motion testing
  2. Trigger point ischemic release
  3. Deep friction massage
  4. Provocation testing (that is not ligamentous)
  5. Pathoanatomical explanations for pain

So what are your 5? Comment below!

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