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Help Just One Person

I have fourteen patients scheduled tomorrow and I expect fourteen successes. If I have fifteen scheduled, I expect fifteen. If I have nine, I expect nine. How often is that expectation met? Not too often. Some patients are non-responders to our treatment for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we miss something. Sometimes our patient doesn't "buy" the story we tell them about what's going on and how what we offer can help. However, despite struggles, failures, and wins, our desire to expect to help each and every patient shouldn't waver.

On an episode of the Therapy Insiders Podcast, Dr. Chad Cook made a statement that still resonates with me: "How arrogant are you that you expect to get everyone better?"

Well, Dr. Cook, I'm exactly that arrogant! (Not really, no). But I maintain the attitude that I can at least be a helpful asset for each patient I see. Why not? Being of help doesn't always have to mean solving their problem. Sometimes it's just being an empathetic ear. Sometimes it's being a guide while they figure out the path. Perhaps it's assisting in finding another provider who is better equipped to address their issue. 

How many patients do you have scheduled today? The full list may be daunting. What if we break it down into manageable pieces? What is the one thing I can do to help my one patient at 8:30AM? What can I do to just help my one patient at 9:00AM? At the end of the day, all those "ones" add up.

If everyone could help just one person today, the world will be a better place tomorrow-- James Altucher

Some days I come home disappointed if some patients aren't progressing as expected or if I have one or two that I'm struggling with. My wife will ask, "how's this person doing?"-- better. "Okay, how's this person doing?"-- he's doing well. Okay.....

So, can you help just one person today?

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