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[FREE WEBINAR] Body Awareness Changes and Low Back Pain

The next MMT Webinar has been scheduled! The topic for Feb 2017 is Body Awareness Changes and Low Back Pain. The webinar will be live Wed Feb 22nd, 8:30 pm EST. Hope to see you there!

The presenter is Eric M. Dinkins, PT, MSPT, OCS, Cert.MT, CMP, MCTA, CCI, Mulligan concept instructor, one of the founders of Motion Guidance, LLC and more!
What You're Going To Learn
  • Research shows strong support for body awareness changes in the chronic low back population
  • Body awareness can be difficult to diagnose and treat in your clinic
  • The Move, Contract, Move format to lumbar health promotes movement based exercise for addressing body awareness and functional stabilization of the spine
  • Use of immediate visual feedback during movement can help improve body awareness

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