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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Thanks for helping make 2016 one of MMT Blog's biggest yet! We had just short of 1 million visits this year! I still remember the milestone of 1 million hits about 2.5 years into blogging! Now we hit that annually!

In 2016 we launched the MMT Team of bloggers, many of whom instantly had huge hits that made this Top 5 list. I also launched my Untold Physio Stories short form podcast with Jason Shane, and Therapy Insiders Podcast had our biggest year yet!

Stay tuned for some big announcements in 2017, including partnering up for more courses under the MMT Brand (Corporate Wellness, Strength Training, Motor Control to name a few). We're psyched for 2017 and couldn't have made it this far without you.

  • sometimes stretching improves mobility - other times it does nothing but beat a dead horse
  • if stretching activates the neurotag association of strong stretch, discomfort or pain, often mobility does not improve
  • in this post, I go over ways to improve hip mobility using isometrics, repeated lumbar loading and more
  • does passive intervetebral (or any passive movement assessment) really enhance your clinical decision making?
  • or do you use it just because that's what you were taught?
  • Dr. Christine Walker's debut on MMT was one of our biggest posts of the year (and ever really)
  • people like simple assessments that help you dictate treatment, and the Child's Pose falls into that category
  • check out Christine Walker's awesome Therapy Insider's Podcast here while you're at it

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