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10 Things That Every PT Business Owner Should Consider To Build A Clinic That Grows Without You

While most business owners are stuck in their practices - drowning in paperwork or constantly massaging and stretching patients, I want to tell you that it IS possible to break free, and take your business - and life - in a completely different direction.

A direction you’ve always dreamt of.

One that allows you to put long term patient relationships and serving new patients properly at the front and centre of your business, and leverages the most advanced systems that make running and growing a physical therapy business effortless and possible, from anywhere in the world.

I understand that everyone’s dreams are different…

Not everyone wants more staff or to open clinics in more locations.

Not everyone wants to pack their practice with more patients.

But what I do know is this - that ‘most’ business owners want to be able to find more time to spend with their patients…

As after all:

 More care = better outcomes for patients, and that = more career satisfaction for you!

So if you run a well established or growing PT business, here’s the 10 things that every PT business owner should consider when wanting to grow their clinic with more ease…

(Because it’s no fun working ‘for’ a business that runs YOU 24/7!)  

#1 Before Anything Else - Get Clear On This One Thing

Your USP.

What is a USP?…

It’s the thing that elevates you above the noise – helps you stand out from the competition.

It’s usually known as a “Unique Selling Proposition”, but I prefer:

Unique Serving Proposition.

Why do you NEED one?

Well - your USP is THE most important thing you can get clear on.

IT’s impossible to grow a business without knowing yours.

Having a clearly defined USP makes you DIFFERENT, helps people make better decisions about coming to see you, and if you intertwine it in your clinics communication, it’s also one of the ways you can overcome co-pay and out of network cost objections from patients who are still a little hesitant.

Many Business Owners make this mistake in their clinic branding and Marketing strategy – they assume their clinics Marketing message should be all about THEMSELVES, it shouldn’t.

All of your brand and Marketing should be about your PATIENTS, and what’s in it for them, so the consumer can make a decision on you and what you do – in a heartbeat.

But don’t make this common ‘Marketing mistake’…

#2 A USP Is NOT A Slogan

The truth is slogans like “providing quality, effective care” and, “the results you want, the care you deserve” – don’t mean a thing to your patients. Yes they want great “results” and “care”… But don’t you think that’s what they expect?

The big guys like Apple and Pepsi can get away with this – BECAUSE THEY SPEND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR to make sure we remember it.

But as small clinic owners with small budgets, forget it!

Create a clear, easy to understand USP that resonates with your patients completely, and they won’t have to think about WHY they’re paying you this deductible or co-pay you’re asking for

Once your crystal clear on your USP, here’s the next step…

#3 Define Your Core Values

Why do you need them?

Core values help you to create a company that runs and thrives without the owner.

They make hiring and firing easy, and patients LOVE coming to a place with a genuine focus on core values.

At the Paul Gough Physio Rooms, sticking to the core values we got clear on, coincided with explosive growth of the business that has never slowed since.


Now you’ve got your USP and Core Values in place, you can begin to communicate differently with your clients.

The next thing to do is CREATE AN EXPERIENCE that your patients are happy to pay for.

“Goods and services” are no longer enough to foster growth in ANY industry…

…And given that the PT Profession is saturated with undifferentiated providers of what appears to be the “same service”…

…The greatest opportunity to beat the ‘co-pay’ or “deductibles” issue is to deliver an exceptional start to end EXPERIENCE that they’re very happy to pay MORE for.

For context – at my clinic they pay $160 per visit.

$100 for PT…

…The other $60 is for the experience my team and I provide for them.

And this is exactly why the #1 Core Value at my clinics is to “provide WOW experiences”.

Without them, you’ll face this problem:

#5 PT Clinics Are A Commodity

Quick task:

“Do a Google search for PT clinics in your area”.

How many come up?

A lot!

The problem is this: we live in a ‘Service Based Economy’ where consumers become more and more likely to purchase goods solely on price and availability…

If people in your town can’t “differentiate” between the other clinics in your town and you – then the only thing you compete on is your PT service – and it’s for that reason so many clinics are experiencing a price pressure right now with patients looking for the cheapest, and minimal viable option.

The answer is to provide an exceptional experience that makes you different.

Next lets talk systems…

#6 The Value Added Welcome Sequence

This is one of the most powerful systems that helps to grow a thriving PT clinic!

What is it? It’s a personalised email sequence that gets sent out to brand new patients to continue to build the relationship and show them what REALLY makes your clinic different from others in town.

Having this ensures that your patients recognize the value of what you’re bringing to their life – and even provides you with a safety blanket.

That means that even if your secretary is having an ‘off day’ and the first phone call with a new patient doesn’t get answered as you would like…

…You can relax knowing that this email sequence will be in action helping patients to understand more about what makes your clinic so different – and what you will REALLY be doing to help them in exchange for their time and money.

Something you should include in this…

#7 Give Them The “Warm And Fuzzy” Feeling

It’s important to CONNECT with patients before they arrive.

I call it giving them the “warm fuzzy” feeling so that they are excited about coming to see you.

It could be a video of something fun, something that shows-cases you, your staff or your clinic … and allows people to resonate, and feel CERTAIN that they made the best decision about coming to see you!

(People pay a LOT to feel certain these days!)

#8 Lets Talk Metrics

The numbers don’t lie…

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

“When something is measured, the measure improves.

When it is measured and reported back, it improves dramatically.”

Track the numbers that actually matter every week (and stop wasting time on the useless ones…) to keep them “healthy”, and your clinic moving in the right direction.

…Which is UP!

One of the key metrics to track?

#9 Track Employee Metrics

This holds employees accountable for their job AND the expectations of their job.

Tracking these numbers is vital, so as a business owner if the numbers aren’t being met, you can get to the root cause of why. And if they are, you can be certain that business is moving in the right direction.

Now we’ve covered ‘culture’,‘serving your patients’ and ‘the importance of tracking your numbers’ here’s how to leverage your past patients…

#10 Re-activate Past Patients And ASK For Referrals

This one is gold.

You’re much more likely to get inquires AND referrals from past patients if you give them the “tools” to make it easier.

How we do it at the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”? With monthly give aways of our ‘free reports’.

We get our past patients to pass them on to any of their friends and family who may be suffering with something like ‘back pain’ right now to help make their life easier (because everyone knows someone whose got a bad back, an ache or pain!)…

This does two things:

1. Gets your raving fans to spread the word about you by giving away helpful information.

2. And captures new leads so automated systems (like email) can do the magic for you.

To sum it all up:

Building a successful PT clinic is all about growing a business that puts PEOPLE first.

If you do that – you’ll make the profits you truly deserve and people will get the help they surely need.

Of course there’s so much more that I could give you to grow and scale your business so you can spend more time serving patients, and spend more time doing more of what you love - like enjoying quality family time... but if you start with these 10 things in mind AND take action immediately you’ll be setting yourself up to WIN.

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