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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Ways to Use Bands to Facilitate Movement

Thanks to Dr. Aracelli Latino-Feliz for sharing the 5 videos below from her instagram. Make sure and follow her!

"My coach Joe Sansalone, strong first senior...trained under Gray Cook and worked for FMS for 10yrs changed my life. Absolutely! I've taken some time off my blog and cut back my work hours (being a mom/PT is definitely a juggling act).  This is his work and my recovery journey/training. So it would be great to start spreading the word.

The method is  Optimum Performance Training. Using principles of RNT and PNF.

Encompassing 4 essential components for optimal human being: 1. Mindset (growth mindset) 2. Nutrition (whole food/specific to the individual) 3. Rest/relaxation (quality sleep 7-9hrs, stress reduction, creating an environment for parasympathetic stimulation daily necessary for healing and recovery 4. Movement (based on understanding our neurophysiology and anatomy).

Foundational Movement practice focuses on 5 basic human movement patterns: 1. Rolling 2. Crawling 3. Hinge 4. Squat 5. Gait.

All movements are made up of these movements or a combo of them. So this is what I train, it translates into any sport or skill. And the goal is not perfection but a deeper understanding of movement through motor control/motor programming. 😁."

1) Banded Push-ups for Rotational Stability
What is a push up? Ideally it is a combination of standing and bilateral shoulder extension and flexion. The blue monster #performbetter band is placed on the my right hip/left shoulder creating a rotational force towards the left exaggerating my compensation pattern. This sensory input allows my body neurologically to respond and further control flexion/extension of the spine and shoulders. To execute the actual push-up motion I have to be able to transfer force from my feet/lower extremities to the ground and both upper extremities. Correct force application, transfer and production allows for an optimal movement which decreases the risk of injury. #joesansalone #optimumperformancetraining #strongfirst #drlatinofeliz #themobilitystop #optimizingmovement #atpperformancefacility #movewell #feelbetter #physicaltherapy #yoga #chaturanga #yogatuneup #crossfit #sportsmedicine #physicaltherapy #fisioterapia #
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2) Banded Squats for Rotational Stability
The squat!!!! Such a beautiful yet complex movement pattern. This is part of my movement practice in preparation for turkish getups. What you see here is the blue monster #performbetter band compressing my right shoulder and Rt hip providing increased feedback and axial compression. The purple #graycook #cookband is wrapped around my left hip wrapping behind my body and around my neck (provides input for spinal extension) to give my body a rotational input based on my compensatory pattern. During a squat force is being produced by bilateral hips/knees into extension and further emphasized with bilateral shoulder extension. No need for verbal cueing. Our bodies learn movement via the environment and will adjust accordingly with sensory inputs. Placement is key. #movewell #atpperformancefacility #themobilitystop #drlatinofeliz #squat #joesansalone #optimumperformancetraining #physicaltherapy #sportsrehab #PT #DPT
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3) Banded Hip Hinge - Rotational Stability and Resistance
Hinge-one of the 5 foundational movement patterns. (Rolling, crawling, hinge, squat, gait). This movement is seen in deadlifts, getting in and out of chair and is key for a proper squat. The human body has to be able to properly shift posteriorly and maintain spinal control limiting flexion. Without a proper hinge pattern, one is susceptible to an injury such as a herniated disc or muscle strain. Here you see me using a red cookband as a sensory input placed on my Rt foot and Rt leg coming across my body to my right shoulder. This rotational force is forcing my body into left rotation which is my compensatory pattern. So my body receives this signal and I'm able to resist that. Now my brain is responding to this and I can program a more ideal movement pattern. (Motor control/motor programming). Furthermore, I am also producing spinal extension with the purple cookband (another sensory input) around my neck. The combination of bilateral hip and shoulder extension allows for a more effective and powerful movement. This is my movement prep before deadlifting. #drlatinofeliz #sportsmedicine #atpperformancefacility #joesansalone #strongfirst #training #optimumtraining #optimalhuman #humanmovement #graycook #movewell #performbetter
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4) Resisted Gait Variations

5) Lateral Crawling with Resistance

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