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Q&A Time: When is Restoring a Flexion Pattern Important?

Check out that posterior tilt I have in this flexion pattern activated ASLR dynamic warmup! Nuts, huh? I must be blowing out a disc!

Part 1 of this post is here - supine isometric flexion pattern to improve toe touch.
My partner for Mobility 2 Perform, Chris Nentarz asked me when is a flexion pattern important to restore? Here are my thoughts.

When is a Flexion Pattern/Toe Touch Necessary?

Too many professionals both in the health and fitness fields either downplay flexion or outright make someone afraid of it. While a full and easy toe touch is not always possible, the perception of stretch should be threat free and symmetrical.

For the full video combining the supine to standing progression, check out the latest on Modern Manual Therapy!

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