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Opioid Facts and Why We Should Promote #GetPT1st

Nxt Gen PT Evidence: Opioids are commonly prescribed for the management of painful conditions. In 2008, physicians prescribed 140 million prescriptions of hydrocodone, 50 million prescriptions of oxycodone and 5 million prescriptions of methadone. There are 300 million people living here. Do the math...
Clinical Implications: Evidence consistently demonstrates our effectiveness in managing painful conditions. That stated, we are often not the first choice. And despite the large number of opioids prescribed, incidence rates of chronic pain are on the rise. We need to collectively promote #‎GetPT1st‬ so that we can help reduce costs in the management of pain, and reduce incidence rates of chronicity.
Improve your practice: We have a very unique role as physical therapists in the treatment of painful conditions. That stated, we recommend you constantly challenge your own understanding of pain, so that you can better manage your patients. Managing pain appropriately often involves a combination of education, movement and manual techniques. Lay to rest the ultrasound machine and join us in better understanding pain...
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