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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Star Wars Quotes Related to Physical Therapy

Who doesn't love them some Star Wars? Who doesn't want to capitalize on Star Wars mania?

Here are 5 Star Wars Quotes related to Physical Therapy.

1) “I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate… you have anger… but you don’t use them.” - Count Dooku

yes, his name is stupid but the quote reminds me of getting "invited" to certain so called evidenced based and critical thinking forums out there on the internet
  • you go in expecting a great atmosphere for learning and critical thinking and you realize it's full of the dark side
  • lots of anger, hate for anything not 100% EBP and it turns you into this guy (second meme)
  • discussion is welcome, debating or arguing incessantly about minutiae is pointless, when was the last time someone conceded and was convinced 100% on the internet?
  • don't be seduced by the dark side, it's great to learn evidence and modern clinical reasoning, but if you end up hating your colleagues and scoffing at the majority of things online and in life, you may want to take a step back and see how others relate to you (bonus - "From my perspective, the Jedi are evil!")
2) "That is why you failed..." - Master Yoda
  • why didn't x or y technique, your normally bread and butter choices not work for a particular patient?
  • perhaps it was because you did not set the stage, educate the patient properly, your best attempt at description was too pathoanatomical and caused increased fear avoidance...
  • maybe you instructed the patient properly on HEP, but they're not dosing it properly (once a day is not going to cut it for reinforcement of newly attained range - 5 Things to Consider for Patient Compliance
3) "You must unlearn what you have learned" - Master Yoda
  • pathoanatomy and reliance on special testing that has little reliability much less validity (I'm looking at you SIJ palpation testing!)
  • So many programs (both entry level, post graduate, and fellowship level are still teaching pathoanatomical based tests and mechanisms for treatments
  • click here for the ever elusive explanation for SIJ without using pelvis, rotation or out of place
  • in the end, every 2-3 years, you should have some sort of paradigm shift in your thinking and your clinical decision making and treatment process should be ever evolving
4) "You have failed me for the last time!" - Darth Vader
  • I think this when research shows us short term effects of anything - almost any treatment will get you short term effects
  • do we tell patients, "Hey, I have just the thing for you if you want to feel better in the short term?"
  • Chad Cook wrote this in 2011 and we're still doing studies on short term effects!
  • Also, research on TrPs being either not real, or real... who cares, if you don't like needling, keep on not doing needling, if you love it, you get results, and your patients keep improving, you're not going to be convinced of this
5) "Great kid, don't get cocky." - Han Solo
  • please FTLOG do not get cocky like I did for the first 5 five years of your career 
  • avoid the magic hands, promises of improving ankle dorsiflexion by scraping the face, changing shoulder ROM by changing glasses prescription, etc etc...
  • it's easy with all the promises gurus make to fall into their rabbit holes and get success on 100% of your patients
  • we all get success when we come back with new assessments and new interventions, but then fall rapidly back into our old habits and outcomes go back to baseline
  • choose systems that enhance your clinical decision making before adding to your toolbox, and also choose ones that make sense

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