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Top 10 Therapy Insider Podcasts of 2015

It’s that magical time of the year when everyone looks back at the past 12 months and reflects. We, at UpDoc Media, really enjoy what we do. Whether its making podcasts such as Therapy Insiders or making a Star Wars movie with some of our good friends, we have fun and hopefully it shows. Now speaking of reflection and Therapy Insiders, we decided it was time for a top 10 podcasts of 2015 list. As with the previous top list we did, which was a top 5 list, this is NOT easy. In fact its incredibly hard. While the previous top 5 post was based solely on downloads, this top 10 list is a combination of downloads, listener engagement, and our preference (weighted in that order). So without further adieu here are the top 10 Therapy Insider podcast episodes of 2015…
We were really interested in blood flow restriction training (BFR). So we reached out to Johnny Owens, who ws doing really cool things with it. Johnny did not disappoint in breaking down the science behind it, his research and story of how he came to BFR. It was very cool to hear. Now Johnny is taking BFR to the next level with courses and certifications, while still focusing in research and implementation. Check it out:
Jerry Durham. Need I say more? No, I don’t but I will. Jerry did a 3 episode stint in early 2015 with this episode being a favorite. We discussed what it takes to improve the efficiency of physical therapy business while not losing focus (or quality) of care.
When we recorded this episode with John, he was in the process of a meteoric rise in the fitness world. What’s he up to now? Still rising! John ended up coming on board to UpDoc Media with his own podcast show called Strength Doc Podcast. So how good was this episode? Good enough for us to build his own podcast around it!
This was a really fun episode to record. We joked around a lot yet still managed to discuss branding strategy, selling techniques and Mikes input on working in the sports world. Then we had an excellent discussion about…ultrasound. Yes, seriously. I wont spoil it for you but if you haven’t listened yet you definitely want to hear what Mike had to say about his beloved ultrasound.
Taking a test is tough. Taking a massive 5 hour board exam so that the previous 3-4 years of your life are justified and you can finally get paid to work…is a bit tougher. If you’ve lived through that you know the stress you undergo. In case you forgot, we asked Brooke a 3rd year DPT student (at the time) to record her daily thoughts for 7 days leading up to the exam. After the exam Brooke and I recorded analysis of those thoughts. A good description? Emotional rollercoaster!
Heidi, who is now President of WebPT, has been on Therapy Insiders a couple times. This episode, her first, remains one of our most popular. It was refreshing to hear someone who has an entrepreneurial mindset inject that energy and business acumen into physical therapy. Heidi shared how she runs WebPT as well as how to grow a company in general regardless of the field.
Larry is a busy guy. He runs a little company called Confluent Health which includes over 70 clinics, Evidence in Motion and others. So, like I said he’s a busy guy, which makes his third appearance on Therapy Insiders even more remarkable (yes, because he actually came back a third time). Larry discussed the future of physical therapy regarding payment structures, the importance of business strategic alliances and how to disagree with someone without making it personal.
Ok, we talk a lot about business, including selling on Therapy Insiders. So why not bring on someone that has written a NY Times Best Selling book on the topic? Enter Daniel Pink. Dan was gracious to take the time to chat about selling strategies, consumer mindsets and physical therapy in the business sense. If you have any interest in learning about selling and why its a natural part of business (especially physical therapy) then you definitely don’t want to miss this episode!
Chad has been putting out research to drive the physical therapy profession for many years. To have him on the podcast breakdown his thoughts on how good or not good physical therapists are at truly understanding exercise was a revelation. His insights resonated with a lot of clinicians which garnered a lot of praise and engagement that we are still discussing to this day.
  1. The Clinical Experience w/ Tim Flynn
Not only was this full of actionable information such as proper use of CPR, why they were created and how they are misused but it was a lot of fun. Tim discussed clinical interventions such as thrust manipulations, exercise and highlighted the importance of the clinical experience. This episode was so popular that it propelled Therapy Insiders into the top 5 of iTunes medical podcasts.
Honorable mentions:
This was a very hard list to compile due to the incredible guests we’ve had on in 2015. These episodes barely missed out the top 10…

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