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Q&A Time! How Do I Work in the Land of Pathoanatomy?

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When you know more than someone else, it's difficult not to be on the high horse. Take this question from a blog reader and online mentee.

“My coworkers get great results and really care about there patients. However, they have a very pathoanatomical mindset. There's a lot of rotated sacrums, hypermobile segments, and other things that I just can't buy in to anymore. Any advice on working in the same environment as that? My goal is to not change my coworkers mindsets I just want patients to get better and they all seem to have pretty good success. As long as I can treat the way I feel is appropriate I'm good with how others treat. Thanks again.”

The more you know about Modern Manual Therapy, and Pain Science, the harder it is to work in an environment where you hear “right on right, jelly donut, and breaking up scar tissue.” Before we get all self righteous, we need to ask ourselves
  • are our co-workers getting results and good outcomes?
  • are they empathetic with their patients?
  • are they promoting patient self care away from passive modalities?
Even though a little part of us dies inside every time we hear “rotated pelvis,” our duty is to our patients first. You have to remember that at some point in your young or more seasoned career, if you’re a Modern Manual Therapist now, you were not always. Was it easy making the transition? How much cognitive dissonance did you go through? Take it one co-worker at a time. My goal during Eclectic Approach seminars is to really reach just 2-3 people out of an entire course. Most are not ready for real change, especially when they are getting results with what they use.

I can say it was not easy for me to give up everything I learned and changing mindset behind proposed tired and true biomechanical theories. However, if I could do it, anyone can.

The key to making it through your day is to remember that your colleagues mean well. Maybe you can 
  • suggest a journal club and every other time
  • present an article about the reliability and validity of positional testing
  • sprinkle in a pinch of pain science here and there
  • Better yet, suggest they read this blog, Body in Mind and other like minded sites
  • Have them take Adriaan Louw’s courses on MedBridge - they even get CEUs!
  • have the same empathy for your well meaning, but misinformed colleagues as you do for patients
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