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Review of System of a Run: Strike, Step Rate, Sound - The 3 S's of Treadmill Analysis

It was an honor and amazing learning experience to assist my friend and colleague, Chris Johnson (the marching cyborg running drill guy), in System of a Run two weekends ago in Vancouver for Shane Physiotherapy

Have you ever wondered what was behind all those marching videos Chris Johnson posts on his youtube channel? Take this one for example...

Marching Drill for Runners

All of the drills Chris posts without sound are purposeful. After you watch his videos, you practice, and realize, working on symmetry, stability, and more importantly slowly you can audit your movement. In System of a Run, you learn the research behind

  • running form, and why changing it may not matter
  • simple cues to change if/when coaching is needed
  • the 3 S's of Treadmill Analysis
The 3 S's of Treadmill Analysis

1) Strike
  • how are they striking?
  • forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot?
  • there is no "best way to run," despite what midfoot/barefoot strikers may claim (most of them are heel striking anyway
2) Step Rate/Cadence
  • "5 will give you 20"
  • this great and powerful quote means simply, research shows increasing your cadence by 5% will give you 20% less force on your knees, simple and easy cue!
3) Sound
  • are they striking hard, soft?
  • another simple cue to change force attenuation is "Land like a Ninja"
Check out Chris doing a treadmill analysis below...

Some great quotes from the weekend....
  • There's nothing good happening the longer your foot is in contact with the ground 
  • I use taping to show people there is no injury 
  • 5 will give you 20 
  • 3 S's of treadmill analysis 
  • If you can skip you can run 
  • Pain is about sensitivity
System of a Run is for clinicians, but can be customized for runners and/or coaches. Most of us do not know much about running and just trying it, is like going out onto the golf course and with clubs and expecting to be great at it. Running is a skill, it takes practice and most likely coaching to attain proficiency.

Some pics from the weekend...

Chris Johnson, Ryan DeBell, and myself with master hosts Jason Shane and Dave Leyland

Relaxing after a hard day with some beer and sushi, a post course favorite!

The master at work!

Finally! I am excited to announce some new products up on EDGE Mobility System. I am turning my ecommerce website into a marketplace with products from colleagues. First up, Chris Johnson's new ebook, and a 1 hour running workshop. Both of them are available for $19.99 which is a steal. The ebook alone is $9.99 and the workshop by itself is $14.99.

I will be also uploading Chris's Lateral Hip Strength/Stability Drills for Runners to The System of a Run Channel on Modern Manual Therapy!

Interested in live cases where I apply this approach and integrate it with pain science, manual therapy, repeated motions, IASTM, with emphasis on patient education? Check out Modern Manual Therapy!

Keeping it Eclectic...

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