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Top 5 Fridays! Top 5 Most Read Posts of 2015

With a little more than half of 2015 behind us, The Manual Therapist is just short of 3 million hits!'s that time of the year again! Right before the Independence Day Holiday, and that means I list the Top 5 Most Read Posts of the year, in the hopes that it will take less time to write an original post.

In reality, it takes me longer to figure out google analytics than it does to brainstorm original content! Without further ado...

5) Corkscrew for Hip, Posterior Chain, and Neurodynamic Mobility

  • One of my favorite techniques that is only augmented in efficacy with an EDGE Mobility Band
  • use it on hip flexion, IR, and posterior chain/neurodynamic mobility limitations
  • HEP of ASLR and educate them on how to reinforce the new mobility!

  • why make your assessment more difficult than it has to be?
  • these 5 easy screens should not only be reliable (hint hint, anyone want to test their reliability?), but much easier than passive accessory motion or palpation based testing

  • Do I sound like I am beating a dead horse? It's only because you cannot reach enough people with the message to STOP BEATING ON YOUR PATIENTS AND YOURSELVES
  • getting results from painful or uncomfortable techniques just means you got results, not that the pain was necessary (it wasn't)

  • before you get all fancy with IASTM, TDN, or some manual treatment, try some of these repeated motion based resets
  • best of all, the patient does not need you to perform a passive treatment if any of them work
  • make sure to instruct them on regular performance throughout the day to reinforce the motion and make it stick!

  • by a landslide, advice from my seasoned, but not old (relatively) colleagues!
  • Charlie Weingroff, Mike Reinold, Barton Bishop, Chris Johnson, Chris Nentarz, and myself!
  • what are you waiting for? Go read it!
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, unless you're not in the United States, in that case, have a great weekend!

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