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Thursday Thoughts: When Directional Preference is Not Enough

Let's assume for the purposes of this post that this hypothetical case is able to respond rapidly to your treatments and HEP, but frequently comes back not keeping the improvements.
Things that you are sure of
  • the directional preference is correct
  • the patient is performing the HEP correctly and dosing appropriately
  • manual therapy and repeated loading into the directional preference consistently improves them and they walk out better each time
What experience has taught me in the above scenario is that you and the patient are doing everything right, but something else, often simple, is negating the effects of their self resets more often than they are doing them.

Why Your Patient May Not Be Staying Better Between Visits

Interested in live cases where I apply this approach and integrate it with manual therapy and repeated motions? Check it out on The OMPT Channel!

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