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Podcast Tuesdays! How to Be Successful w/Jamey Schrier

“It doesn’t matter what it is you are selling. What matters is how comfortable you are at selling.”
– Jamey Schrier

It’s not easy to start a business. Its even harder to successfully run a business. So what separates success from failure? We wanted to find out from someone that has experienced both and now teaches others how to make sure they only experience the success part. Our guest on this episode of Therapy Insiders, is Jamey Schrier, a business owner and coach who through experience, perseverance and self improvement has become a success. Want to know how he did it? More importantly, want to know how you can do it too? Then just hit play and enjoy!
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About Jamey Schrier
Therapy Insiders

Jamey Schrier is a Physical Therapist, PT Owner and Coach.  Outside of running his practice of over 13 years, Jamey spends much of his time helping clinic owners create an efficient, well-run practice that allows Owners more time to work “On” the business rather than “In” the business.  He feels that most PT Owners are at a disadvantage because building a successful practice is not taught in PT school and many Owners focus on only treating patients and not on the other aspects of running a business.  He is passionate about teaching and inspiring other PT Owners to achieve a greater level of success.
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