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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Newer PT Blogs/Podcasts You Should Be Following

I am always on the lookout for new blogs and podcasts to follow. Here are 5 that I just added to my feedly or subscribed to.

1) Pain Science and Sensibility

  • you can never have enough clinicians telling you examples, cases, analogies and stories on how to apply pain science to real cases
  • just when you think you have it down, a patient explodes in a yelling fury of 20 minutes over the phone that you're a fraud (true story)
  • Join co-hosts Sandy Hilton and Cory Blickenstaff, physical therapists who are “in the trenches” practicing in unique settings on opposite sides of US, as they discuss current research and topics of pain science. Listen in on occasional interviews of the prominent figures of pain science. Focus will be on making the information meaningful to practice in the clinic.

  • 3 new grads who have a passion for PT, pain science, direct access and more - you know, all the important things we should be focusing on!
  • You're on my radar, and I will be sharing your posts on my twitter and facebook, thanks for writing and keep it up! Regular writing is tough, just ask Joe Brence!

  • PT Memes, Crazy Things in PT and more
  • it's a parody site people! - and also bashes the things we should really be thinking more critically of

  • Ok, so this one isn't newer like the others, but he came back from the blogging dead after not writing for a year or more!
  • I like reading movement and structural based posts every once in a while to balance out all the neurophysiology I go on about
  • Welcome back Neil!

5) UpDoc Media
  • Gene Shirokobrod, Joe Palmer, and myself, The Therapy Insiders have partnered with others like Ben Fung to form a media company, UpDoc Media
  • the website will be launching very soon, and in addition to Therapy Insiders, we will have blogs/vlogs from Ben Fung - business Fung Shui, and a podcast from Jerry Durham - Business, Baseball and Bourbon!
Follow these blogs, listen to the podcasts, and more importantly SHARE! Sharing is as easy as hitting a button on your phone or copying and pasting the url into your facebook or twitter on desktop. Sharing is how businesses and brands grow and we appreciate it!

Keeping it Eclectic....

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