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Podcast Update! Should Business Be Taught in PT School?

“Lets not forget healthcare is a business”


So this week I took this show on the road. It felt appropriate with the APTA NEXT conference in my back yard (not literally, my house is not that big). Over the last year we have talked about business related topics…a LOT. When I found out that the Oxford debate question (imagine a giant auditorium of physical therapists running around like crazy people left to right, right to left as two teams debate a topic) was going to be focused on business in school, it seemed appropriate to be there. Not only was I there, I was there with a microphone…plugged into something and recording. I ask a bunch of people the same question that was debated, “shoulder business be taught in physical therapy school?” Want to hear their answer? How about our commentary and thoughts? Of course you do! Also, make sure to stick around to the end of the podcast episode for a BIG announcement that will change EVERYTHING!!!

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