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Why 6 Breaths a Minute May Not Be Ideal

As some of you may know, I have training in a device called the CapnoTrainer through Better Physiology (now the Graduate School for Breathing Sciences).

For a review on the CapnoTrainer and the courses I took, plus why you need to look at Breathing as a Behavior, click here!

Dr. Ryan DeBell of The Movement Fix on The CapnoTrainer

In 2 days, I am excited to get an addition to The CapnoTrainer called Capno Plus. It gives additional features that will be very helpful, especially in my cervical, headache, and TMD caseload. The one I am most excited about is EMG that can be overlaid with the capnograph readings on screen.

Why is this relevant? Check out the slide from Dr. Peter Litchfield below.

The case is a PT who was still having headaches despite practicing and "mastering" her relaxed breathing. This is another example of why "6 breaths a minute" may still lead to dysfunctional chemistry and mechanics.

In this slide the purple graph is her breathing rate

  • it is very regular, controlled, with little variabiliy
  • it is slow and rhythmic, about 6 BPM
  • it also shows she is mildly to moderately hypnocapnic, ot her PECO2 levels are off, throwing off her blood, interstitial fluid, and lymph pH
The blue graph is her EMG on her frontalis

  • you can see with each breath, she as dysponesis, or irregular contraction of the frontalis, a muscle not normally associated with inhalation
This is why I am so psyched to get the Capnoplus, to be able to provide realtime feedback of PECO2 levels in addition to taking EMG readings on

  • upper traps
  • scalenes
  • masseter
  • temporalis
  • or any other muscle that may have dysponesis during dysfunctional breathing patterns
EDGE Mobility System will soon be selling both the CapnoTrainer and Capno Plus, as well as being associated with The Graduate School of Breathing Sciences. The DipMDT who initially introduced me to the CapnoTrainer is also becoming Dean of their new Doctorate Program for PTs in Applied Breathing Sciences.

Did I mention The Capno Plus also does HRV? I will be delving into that for the athletes I see in my upcoming Texas Venture later this year!

Demonstrations of both the CapnoTrainer and Capno Plus will be part of my Certificate in Temporomandibular Management through Nxt Gen PT.

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