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Vidcast: Q&A on Pain Science Education, Pathoanatomy, and "What is Wrong With Me?"

A reader who is "all in" with the Eclectic Approach occasionally has struggles with patient education, in particular with "What is wrong with me?" and "So, what do I have?"

I have been at this for 17 years, and as an aside, the newbs who quote research that experience does not improve outcomes are both right and wrong. If you learn from your mistakes, adapt your approach as the evidence and times change, and find yourself changing the way you evaluate, treat, and explain things every 2-3 years, experience matters for you.

If you have not changed things up in 5+ years, it's probably time to rethink your approach as I guarantee it's a bit stale. The point of this is, especially in regard to modern Pain Science and integrating it into your practice, it's not something that smoothly comes out of your mouth after reading Therapeutic Neuroscience Education, or taking Butler or Moseley's courses. It, like any high level skill takes practice and refinement. Heck I still have spectacular failures (last year one patient yelled at me on the phone for 20 minutes - I had to hang up and refunded him the next day). Below is my vidcast Q&A for those of you who prefer to watch/listen to it. Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend, and for those of you not in the states, happy Monday!

Q&A on Pain Science Education, Tight Muscles, etc...

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