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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Pillars of #CashPT Success

Today's guest post is from Dr. Aaron LeBauer of LeBauer consulting, a resource you HAVE to visit if you are interested in Cash Based PT.

1) Mindset is EVERYTHING and critical to the success of a cash-based practice.

  • A successful entrepreneur operates from a place of abundance, which is the view that there is more than enough to go around.  This mentality creates win-win relationships with referral partners and other health care professionals.
  • The Primary Care Physical Therapist Mindset is one where the therapist views themselves as the primary point of contact for their patients and an entry into the healthcare system.
  • The Value Mindset is one in which we establish self-worth and confidence in the value and price of our knowledge, expertise, services and ability to help patients heal.

2) Maintain a Low Overhead
  • A low overhead means you do not spend lots of money to run your practice. Creating and maintaining a low-overhead practice is vital to a successful practice.
  • Utilize technology to save time and minimize expenses. Click here for your Free CashPT Resource Guide.
  • We need to know the cost to provide a treatment and then collect more than this to make a profit. We can maximize our earnings by spending less money on expenses to create and provide our therapy services.
  • Do you really need that $20,000 piece of equipment? Or the 3,000 square foot facility to get your patients better?
  • Do MORE with less.

3) Create a Valuable Experience
  • Patients need to feel like they are receiving a service they cannot get anywhere else, that what they are paying for is a bargain, and that they are being treated by a specialist and an expert.
  • What is possible for you when you position yourself as the expert in your community, exceed your patients’ expectations and create a highly valuable service?

4) Engage in Direct to Patient Marketing
  • Market directly to the consumer of your service, your potential patients.
  • Patients referred by physicians often do not buy-in or understand your value. Give up trying to earn physicians referrals or to convince people they should come to your practice.
  • Be active in your community, get to know people, be engaged. People who can benefit from physical therapy are involved in the community, workout with personal trainers, practice yoga, run, ride bikes, and go to church.
  • Create value for referral partners. Build educational programs, become a valuable resource, create a screening tool/educational program for fitness professionals, teach a workshop, lend your expertise to others and they will spread the word about your practice.
  • People are going online in vast quantities to look for information about their pain or condition and are using search engines, such as Google and YouTube, to find providers and solutions to their problem. Click here to get on the 1st page of Google, become visible on YouTube and meet patients where they are.

5) Mentorship
  • Surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs from different industries. I have personally learned a ton from fitness professionals, marketing experts, retail business owners, physical therapists and even my patients.
  • Don’t believe anyone who stares at you in disbelief, tells you that “you’re crazy”, or that the cash-pay model is a bad idea. Isolation is a tough path to travel, but don’t believe the haters, listen to your heart.
  • A mentor or coach can help you avoid common mistakes, be a sounding board, show you shortcuts to success, hold you accountable, and help you reach your goals. Be prepared to show up and do the work.

Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT - Cash PT Nation on Facebook

Thanks Aaron! LeBauer consulting and EDGE Health and Tech Solutions have partnered to help you get started on your Cash Based PT Practice!

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