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Product Review: The Pronator

The Pronator is a tool developed by a Dr. Jonathan Rosploch, DPT, BS, CSCS, MFR.

It's an innovative variation on the hammer that many use in the clinic for supination/pronation exercises. Instead of having a hammer at the top of the handle, there is a easy to use clasp, similar to what you would find on ski boots or roller blades.

You can either use a dumbbell, or resistance bands. Resistance bands in particular add an entirely new dimension of added resistance, progressing some of your favorite exercises. Below are some quick videos I shot with my colleage, Chris Nentarz, PT, of CrossFit Nickel City in Buffalo, NY.

Cheerleader with Dual Pronators

Half Kneel Shoulder Elevation

Miniband Shoulder ER Oscillations with Dual Pronators

As you can see, The Pronator is very versatile and it's uses are only limited by your imagination. Add a new plane to your shoulder and corrective exercises with it! Jonathan has made the pronator $10 off for one week! Order The Pronator through my affiliate link and support The Manual Therapist!

Keeping it Eclectic.

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